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March 31, 2012
The Morning After: Williams gets to the point in win

SALT LAKE CITY -- It is evident Terrence Williams is a player Kings coach Keith Smart quickly came to trust on the court.

Players on 10-day contracts aren't supposed to be counted on in the fourth quarter of close games, but Williams has been a big-time player for the Kings late in games since joining the team last week.

Williams said after the game that he'd already signed to stay with the Kings the rest of the season. So after two teams in two-plus seasons, the 11th pick in the 2009 NBA Draft might have found a home with the Kings.

Smart trusted Williams enough in Friday night's 104-103 win over the Utah Jazz to allow Williams to play "point forward" and direct the offense during key moments.

"I did it a lot my rookie year (with New Jersey)," Williams said of running the point. "In Houston I didn't do it a lot but my rookie year. (Friday) was my first time doing in probably two years, a year and a half. At first it was a little uncomfortable but I found my stride and it was good."

Williams finished with eight points, six rebounds, four assists and in the game.

Williams had six point, five rebounds and two assists in the fourth quarter.

When Tyreke Evans plays small forward, the Kings are small in the backcourt with Isaiah Thomas, Marcus Thornton and Jimmer Fredette.

Williams appears to be a player who can give the Kings size and some more ball handling in the backcourt.

Here is what Smart said Williams is giving the Kings:

"The ability to rebound as a guard, the ability to defend as a guard, his ability to be a playmaker. He sees the floor very well. That pass he floated over to Jason Thompson on the break, that's a tough pass for a guy to make to get it over the top of the runner, the defender. Then to pass it soft enough for him to be able to catch it? That's a type of pass that only certain people can make and this young man can do that. So he gives me that playmaking ability."

The pass to Thompson came with 2:52 play. Thompson was fouled on the play and made both free throws bring the Kings within one at 99-98.

"I just wanted (Thompson) to dunk it so I'd get the assist," Williams said after the game in jest. "The pass was a little tough. The hardest part was Millsap was running backwards so you have to judge how high (Paul) Millsap has to jump and not steal the ball. So I just had to lob it over and I'm glad he caught it."

Williams explained how he was able to grab so many important rebounds in the fourth quarter:

"Most of the time when you're playing against wings they don't box you out. That's always the bigs battling, boxing each other out. I let them battle and I jump, that's how I get the ball."

There were questions about Williams' attitude after his time in New Jersey. The attitude he's shown with the Kings is what Smart has tried to bring to the Kings - one where teammates support each other and revel in each other's success.

Williams hasn't been around for that entire process but he's fit in just fine with the Kings.

"I love watching his spirit when other guys make plays," Smart said. "You see him pumping his fist, excited when another guy makes a play defensively or offensively. I watch everything about our team and I've seen that a couple of times on tape, that guy, with everything that's been said about him, he has a winning spirit. We've got to keep molding that, cultivating that to where he can be a good player for us."

Here's some video from last night ... there were some technical difficulties.

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