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April 7, 2012
Power Rankings: Here come the Spurs

Often dismissed and having not won a title since 2007, the San Antonio Spurs seem to find a way to win.

That's been the case again this season as the Spurs have won 10 in a row to take over the lead in the Western Conference.

The Spurs have depth and good health -- two things that are a must for teams trying to win a championship.

New additions Stephen Jackson, Boris Diaw and Patrick Mills all recently joined the team but figure to play big parts in the playoff push for the Spurs.

If nothing else, the "old" Spurs have made the race in the West interesting instead of allowing Oklahoma City to runaway with the best record in the West.

1. San Antonio Spurs (39-14, LW 3) - Entering the weekend on a 10-game winning streak, the Spurs are looking like a serious title contender.
2. Chicago Bulls (43-13 LW 1) - Derrick Rose won't win MVP this season but Tom Thibodeau could repeat as Coach of the Year.
3. Miami Heat (39-15, LW, 4) - Is there a tendency to overreact whenever the Heat struggles or are there real concerns with this team?
4. Oklahoma City Thunder (40-15 LW, 2) - Too many on the turnovers on the road prove costly again.
5. Los Angeles Lakers (35-21, LW 6) - Kobe Bryant, Andrew Bynum and Ramon Sessions have dealt with injuries lately.
6. Indiana Pacers (34-21, LW 9) - Surprisingly third in the Eastern Conference, but how will the Pacers hold up in the playoffs?
7. Atlanta Hawks (33-23, LW 8) - Josh Smith continues to be underappreciated by some, but he's having a good season.
8. Los Angeles Clippers (33-22 LW 10) - Lost to Lakers again to remain the "other" team in L.A.
9. Dallas Mavericks (31-25, LW 9) - Jason Kidd has a groin injury so the Mavs turn to Delonte West for help.
10. Boston Celtics (30-24, LW 11) - Looking a lot more like a tough out in the playoffs thanks to Rajon Rondo
11. Memphis Grizzles (27-22 LW 12) - Showed why they were a preseason darkhouse to win the West in beating Miami.
12. Orlando Magic (32-23, LW 5) - Lost five in a row and coach Stan Van Gundy says he knows Dwight Howard asked that he be fired ... awkward times.
13. Houston Rockets (30-25, LW 14) - Goran Dragic has filled in well for Kyle Lowry at point guard.
14. Denver Nuggets (30-25, LW 15) - This would be a tough opponent for whoever wins the West if the Nuggets stay at No. 8 in the conference.
15. Utah Jazz (27-25, LW 16) - Tyrone Corbin has done an impressive job coaching a team picked by some to finish last in the West.
16. New York Knicks (28-27, LW 18) - Defense is helping the Knicks overcome injuries to key players (Jeremy Lin, Amar'e Stoudemire).
17. Philadelphia 76ers (29-25, LW 13) - Instead of being a feel-good story, Sixers looking like they'll end up losing in the first round of the playoffs again.
18. Phoenix Suns (28-27, LW 18) - Even at 38, Steve Nash will be a sought-after free agent.
19. Milwaukee Bucks (27-28, LW 19) - Looking to capitalize on Knicks' injuries and make the playoffs.
20. Portland Trail Blazers (27-29, LW 21) - Can Raymond Felton use the rest of the season to restore his reputation?
21. Minnesota Timberwolves (25-31, LW 20) - The injuries, and losses, have piled up of late for the Timberwolves.
22. Detroit Pistons (21-34, LW 24) - Pistons are 3-1 since last week with the loss to Atlanta.
23. New Jersey Nets (20-37, LW 25) - Gerald Wallace has made a difference since being acquired in a trade last month.
24. Toronto Raptors (20-36, L 26) - DeMar DeRozan can be exciting, but his shooting percentage has decreased since his rookie season of 2009-10.
25. Golden State Warriors (21-33, LW 22) - Predictably, the Warriors have struggled since their blockbuster trade for injured center Andrew Bogut.
26. Sacramento Kings (19-36, LW 23) - Joined ranks of teams officially eliminated from playoff contention Friday.
27. Cleveland Cavaliers (18-35, LW 27) - A shoulder injury is expected to keep Kyrie Irving at least a week.
28. New Orleans Hornets (14-41, LW 28) - Eric Gordon returns with a 31-point game, but the Hornets still lose.
29. Washington Wizards (12-44, LW 29) - Nene has to be wondering what he did to be traded to this team.
30. Charlotte Bobcats (7-46, LW 30) - The latest losing streak has reached 10 games..

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