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April 14, 2012
The Morning After: Kings still looking for on-court leadership

OKLAHOMA CITY - Who on the Kings can be Kendrick Perkins or Derek Fisher?

"(Oklahoma City) had a few bumps in the road when they were together early on," said Kings forward Jason Thompson. "Now they've got some veteran guys in (Kendrick) Perkins and Derek Fisher. So now when they go through stretches, they have that veteran voice that most teams don't have. That has been the big difference for them over the years."

The Kings are still looking for their Perkins, Fisher or anyone to become the leader the team needs to end their seven-game losing streak.

Like the Thunder, the Kings will probably have to trade (as they did for Perkins) or entice a free agent (Fisher) to join them to fill those roles.

If the Kings trade for a leader, they'll have to give up something big like Tyreke Evans. It cost the Thunder Jeff Green, who was a key player for them to land Perkins.

Who would the Kings be willing to part with to find a leader?

Bringing in a player like Fisher would be easier if the Kings were winning. That's not the case right now and there's no telling when that will change.

The Kings tried in the offseason via free agency (Chuck Hayes) and trade (John Salmons)

Salmons is injured. Hayes is having one of his worst seasons after his preseason health scare about his heart and dislocating his shoulder in January after beginning the season as a starter.

Another one of the Kings leaders, Francisco Garcia, is out with a concussion.

That leaves leadership to the rest of the roster to end this losing streak at seven games.

Regardless of if/when the losing streak ends, the search for leadership has to be a priority in the offseason.

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