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April 21, 2012
The Morning After: Evans' agent visits Sacramento

Who would have guessed a tweet about a meeting during Friday night's game would lead to so many questions about Tyreke Evans.

Evans' agent, Arn Tellem, was in town Friday for a meeting with Kings basketball president Geoff Petrie and Kings management about Evans.

This wasn't a discussion about a contract extension (Evans isn't getting one yet). The Kings will let Evans play next season before deciding if they will extend him or how much to offer Evans.

There's also the possibility Evans could be traded as several teams called about his availability before the trading deadline.

This was about finding out where Evans stands going forward with the team. He's gone from the focus of the franchise to the third-leading scorer, looking lost at times on the floor.

Evans has had good and bad moments playing small forward after playing with the ball as the point guard at every other level of basketball.

Evans at small forward this season was a function of John Salmons' struggles and Isaiah Thomas' emergence, but that in no way means that's Evans' permanent position.

If Evans can develop a reliable jump shot, he might be best suited as a shooting guard.

But figuring all that out is secondary to simply getting Evans back to being the aggressive player he was in his first two seasons.

Many scouts and coaches around the league agree with coach Keith Smart in moving Evans off the ball with the belief being Evans is not a point guard, but a multi-faceted player who can play and defend multiple spots.

It's up to Evans to decide how he deals with that - something Evans acknowledges. When things aren't going well on offense for Evans, it affects the rest of his game.

If Evans wants the big payday he is expecting, that can't be the case.

Evans looked more like himself against Oklahoma City Friday night with 16 points and four assists.

But Evans has to get back the kind of production he had as a rookie when 20-5-5 was the talk of Sacramento.

That's the player the Kings would want to pay a nice salary to keep around.

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