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April 27, 2012
The Morning After: More veterans would help the Kings

The Los Angeles Lakers obviously had bigger concerns than beating the Kings. They're preparing for where the Kings would like to be - the playoffs.

Lakers coach Mike Brown said this of the Kings:

"They (Sacramento) have a nice young team and maybe if they get a savvy veteran or two, we will be talking about them in the playoffs as well."

The Kings need more mature players to aid the rebuilding process and teach young players how to conduct themselves on and off the court.

That includes proper nutrition, rest, study habits and how to go about training and preparing to play.

It's things like not downing the chicken fingers from the concession stands before games that young players will do that the coaching staff would like to see improve.

When the Kings played at Phoenix this season, Keith Smart pointed out to his team how Grant Hill was at the arena during the Kings shootaround receiving his usual treatment.

It's easy for players to dismiss that and say Hill is old so he has to come in for treatment.

What Smart wanted his players to take in was that Hill had overcome injuries and played well at 39 because he took care of his body.

The Kings need more players in the locker room who can be up-close examples of this.

The Kings will have several options to add the "savvy" vets needed to climb from the bottom of the Pacific Division.

The Kings will have the money to spend on free agents (about $15 million under the salary cap).

They could make plays for players such as Andre Miller or Boris Diaw (who I put in the "savvy" category) even if it means overspending a bit to keep them from going to contenders.

A veteran big man like Marcus Camby might be wooed to give the Kings another center to help show DeMarcus Cousins how to survive as a big man in the NBA.

Adding John Salmons and Chuck Hayes were the steps the Kings took in adding more veteran voices in the locker room, but more are needed on a team where the top-3 players (Cousins, Tyreke Evans, Marcus Thornton) all have three seasons or less of NBA experience.

A proven leader like Miller would be ideal, though I'd imagine he'd be trying to find a job with a contender at this stage of his career.

But if the Kings can find some savvy to go with the youth, Brown might be right.

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