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May 8, 2012
Magic Johnson, Stan Kasten, Arn Tellem and ... baseball

Magic Johnson's involvement with the new Dodgers ownership group comes as no surprise. The Hall of Famer has long been a huge (and knowledgeable) sports fan, and almost desperate to become more intimately involved on the management level. With the Buss family controlling the Lakers, that was never going to happen with his former club. What's interesting is that he met one of his new significant partners - Dodgers CEO and daily operations guy Stan Kasten - in the 1980s, when Kasten ran both the Atlanta Hawks and the Braves for former owner Ted Turner. Plus, these are two very accomplished men, with huge personalitiies. So, yes, it will be interesting.

It was funny, though, to see Magic in his lower level seats, standing during the seventh inning stretch in Monday's game against the Giants at Dodger Stadium- alongside his publicist and friend Lon Rosen, who has been with him since his early days in the NBA - and singing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame ..."

One more thought: Longtime baseball/basketball agent Arn Tellem, who I have known since his days as general counsel of the (gasp) San Diego Clippers, told me it took about him about three weeks to emotionally recover from his group's failed attempt to purchase the Dodgers. Tellem - like Kasten - is rooted in baseball.

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