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May 6, 2012
Possibility of Petrie departure?

The Geoff Petrie rumors continue to swirl as Petrie insists he is focused on the Kings.

In March the Kings denied a report Petrie was set to sign a contract extension. Since Petrie's name has been linked to the general manager position in Portland, where Petrie was a player and executive.

Joe Maloof told Portland had not requested permission to speak to Petrie (which would be required because he is under contract through next season) but added the team would not "hold" Petrie back if there was another offer job he chose to pursue.

Petrie had indicated his only focus is the Kings, telling me last week his goal is to see the Kings begin an upward arc of success starting next season.

Whether Petrie, 64, pursues the Portland opening or stays with the Kings beyond next season remains in the air.

With the financial limitations of the Kings in recent seasons (lowest payroll the last two seasons) and six consecutive losing seasons, Petrie could decide to step away after this coming season.

Then there are deals that have not worked out. The deal for J.J. Hickson was a flop. And by not re-signing Samuel Dalembert, the Kings have nothing to show for dealing Spencer Hawes.

Yes, they gained financial flexibility by dumping Andres Nocioni's deal in the move, but unless that money is spent, what does it do?

And the Kings will again be looking for a defensive presence in the frontcourt to replace what they lost in not retaining Dalembert.

Petrie leaving would likely lead to a revamping of the entire front office as Petrie (basketball president) also Wayne Cooper (general manager) and Mike Petrie and Shareef Abdur-Rahim (assistant general managers) would likely be candidates to join him.

Regardless, Petrie is working as if he isn't going anywhere. He plans to attend group pre-draft workouts in New Jersey and Minnesota this month and the NBA Draft Combine in Junes.

Of course, if the Kings get lucky May 30 and win the Draft Lottery, everything changes. Most view Kentucky's Anthony Davis as franchise-changing player at the top of the draft.

Even with the uncertainty of the Kings' arena situation and payroll limitations, the Kings' job would look a lot better with Davis joining DeMarcus Cousins in the frontcourt.

I guess we can wait until the end of the month to see what the future holds.

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