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June 27, 2012
Plenty of talk, no action from Kings for now

The Kings and their fifth pick in Thursday's NBA Draft continue to be the subject of rumors.

So I'll try to separate fact from fiction (as I know it at this hour).

*There doesn't appear to be anything substantial or imminent involving the Houston Rockets.'s David Aldridge reported the Kings turned down an offer from Houston of the 16th overall pick and point guard Kyle Lowry for the fifth pick and Chuck Hayes.

There have also been the rumored offer of two first-round picks for Tyreke Evans and the fifth pick (which has been refuted by numerous sources).

The Rockets will likely come calling again. But at this hour there isn't a deal the Kings are close to doing with Houston.

*As impressive as Damian Lillard might have been, it doesn't appear likely the Kings would use the fifth pick on him.

*The Kings are still fielding calls about trading out of the fifth spot. Nothing imminent, but it wouldn't be a shock to see the Kings move back. At this stage, everything is still in play.

By time this is posted I'm sure something will have changed. Such is life in the world of rumors leading up to the NBA Draft.

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