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July 27, 2012
Cohesion key to Kings improvement

This remains the 30 (maybe 40-win) question for the Kings.

Can they all just get along and play like a team?

The question was fair game again this afternoon at Jason Thompson's press conference. Thompson re-signed with the Kings a couple of weeks ago, but it took time to schedule the press conference due to schedule conflicts.

Thompson's five-year deal is worth $30.2 million.

Thompson isn't being brought back to score. The sooner more Kings mature and realize how to find their offense within the team - something the Kings like about Thompson -the sooner the Kings can start realistically start talking about winning more than 30 percent of their games in a season.

"The big opportunity for our team, Jason along with the rest of his teammates is how much more cohesive they can become as a group and making each other better when they play," said Kings basketball president Geoff Petrie.

Part of that process is maturity from the team's young stars - DeMarcus Cousins, Tyreke Evans and Marcus Thornton -who figure to get the bulk of the shots this season.

That also carries over on defense. For one of the worst defenses in the NBA to improve, the Kings need to function as a unit on defense.

Thompson believes the addition of Aaron Brooks will help in that process, too. Coach Keith Smart began the process of organizing the offense and looking to shore up the Kings' defense at the point of attack by starting Isaiah Thomas at point guard.

"(Brooks) can only help Isaiah with him maturing and being that floor general that we need," Thompson said.

If the entire team doesn't mature and learn to work together on both ends, the Kings are in for another season in the 20-win range.

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