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July 16, 2012
Kings payroll increases this offseason; Whiteside waived

LAS VEGAS - Fans might have wanted a splashy addition via free agency that hasn't happened. But the Kings are spending more money than they have in recent seasons.

The addition of James Johnson ($2.8 million) brings the Kings' payroll to $55.5 million. That is the Kings' highest payroll since the 2008-09 season. The salary cap for this season is $58.044 million while the minimum team salary is $49.337 million.

The Kings have 14 players under contract. Center Hassan Whiteside was waived. His salary of $847,307 becomes available.

The Kings still need to improve their shooting. And unless Jimmer Fredette makes huge strides as an NBA point guard, that's another area the Kings will need to address at some point.

If Fredette is unable to make that transition, the Kings will have Isaiah Thomas at point guard with Tyreke Evans and John Salmons as the other facilitators.

The Kings would prefer to play Evans off the ball more. Salmons performed better off the bench when running the second team.

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