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August 6, 2012
Isaiah Thomas brings skills camp to Sacramento area

Isaiah Thomas hasn't slowed down much since the end of his rookie season.

Thomas completed coursework for his degree in American Ethnic Studies last month at the University of Washington. He's also been playing basketball whenever and wherever he can.

Thomas is also keep a promise he made to himself growing up to bring basketball to youth with the Isaiah Thomas Elite Skills Academy basketball camps he's held this summer.

There will be six in all, the latest being today through Thursday at the Hardwood Palace in Rocklin. The camps have been in Washington and Hawaii.

Thomas said his desire to host camps stems from his days of wanting instruction from NBA players as he began playing basketball.

"Just growing up and wanting to be that kid that wanted to be at a camp hosted by an NBA player," Thomas said.

Thomas said he will ask teammates who are in town for the camp that starts today to stop by, but Thomas also intends to be fully involved with the campers.

He hosted 144 campers in his Tacoma camp and expects at least 100 campers today. Thomas said there should be spots for those who want to sign up today.

Click here for more information.

Camp begins at 9 a.m.

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