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August 28, 2012
Kings fans keep hanging on ....

Amid all the conversation about Virginia Beach's interest in building a new arena and luring a professional franchise to the region, the Kings on Monday released some interesting numbers on season ticket sales and renewals. Just a few tidbits from team publicist Chris Clark:

* The season ticket renewal rate is 80 percent over last season.
* The Kings rank in the top five in the league in group sales.
* Approximately 1,000 fans attended the open house held last Tuesday and Wednesday, with the partial season ticket plans once again proving to be an effective lure. (Back in the day, former Kings president John Thomas refused to offer anything other than full season ticket packages - an arrogant, financially devastating approach given the economic downturn and the Kings' on court decline.

Yet, despite it all, tolks here in Sacramento remain consistent and amazingly resistent: They hold their noses when it comes to the owners and six-plus years of subpar play, but they love their team, probably anticipating an uptick with DeMarcus Cousins, Tyreke Evans and rookie Thomas Robinson..

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