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September 28, 2012
Jimmer Fredette ready for his second season

Jimmer Fredette might be the target of some angry scowls next week.

If any of his teammates want to know where coach Keith Smart got the idea of training in the altitude of Colorado Springs, Colo., they can look at the second-year guard who spent part of his offseason working out in Denver.

"Coach got the idea when he came out to work me out and he saw it's tough to workout out there," Fredette said. "You've got shorter breath and you get in great condition out there. And he was like 'Maybe we're going to try to have training camp up here.' It was just an idea he got into his head and he wanted to do it and that's why we're having it."

Fredette however has been in Sacramento for the last 10 days or so. He said he "probably" has lost any conditioning advantage he might have had over his teammates.

Fredette had an eventful offseason. He got married. He played in the NBA summer league. And Fredette spent a lot of time working out in Colorado as well as Sacramento and Los Angeles.

Playing time won't be easy to earn this season. With Tyreke Evans expected to play more in the backcourt and the addition of Aaron Brooks, Fredette could see even less time.

Fredette knows what he has to do to play more this season - and that's attempt to be the pure point guard he was touted as before his rookie season.

The Kings want to see BYU Jimmer.

"They expect me to go out and be more aggressive this year," Fredette said.
Just be assertive, be a leader when you're on the floor and play as hard as you can like you always have. That's what got me to this position. And I need to be really, really, really aggressive. Especially on offense so I think that's what I'm going to work on this year. Going in and having that mindset to score the ball, I think that's how I can help this team and that's what I'm going to do. They want me to be aggressive and score the basketball so that's my mindset going into this year."

Fredette spent two weeks in Los Angeles with noted trainer Rob McClanaghan, whose clients include Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Love and Tyreke Evans.

"(McClanaghan) really caters it to what you need to work on," Fredette said. "Between my uncle (Lee Taft) and him it was great workouts.

That meant working on Fredette's shot release - specifically forcing Fredette to get his shots off quicker.

"A lot of it was in transition, sprinting down and getting the shot up really quick," Fredette said. "And just making moves really quick to get a little bit of separation, to get your shot off quick during those one-on-one moves. "

Aggression, however, is not limited to offense. To stay on the court Fredette can't be a complete liability on defense, especially on a team where team defense is a problem and there isn't a proven shot blocker to protect the rim.

Fredette believes he's on the right path toward figuring out that part of the NBA game, too.

"You definitely figure it out as you go along," Fredette said. "I'm definitely getting a lot better playing against some good competition during the summer and making sure to play physical. Playing against bigger guys, smaller guys and I've done a lot of that this summer. Just continue to work on angles, cutting guys off and using your hands when you can make sure you try to play foul-free defense."

Fredette has been in Sacramento when most of the team has gathered for group workouts.

Fredette said he can already see the benefits.

"I think it helps a lot to have that camaraderie this year," Fredette said. "To have guys come out for a week, a couple weeks at a time, to not just hang out but to get on the court. I think it really shows going into this year that we're a lot more comfortable with the players already from the first day, Day 1. So you don't have to have that building process, you already have it and you just continue to have it grow. I think it's important for us to do that, especially as a young team that didn't know each other great last year. But now we're starting to get better and that camaraderie will show on the floor."

Fredette will be without one of the players that fostered some camaraderie to end last season.

The Kings did not re-sign swingman Terrence Williams, who was as good as any player all season at setting up Fredette for open shots.

Williams' passing made him popular with all his teammates. It stood out because the Kings were so bad at moving the ball all season.

"T-Will, he was a guy who was really good for us at the end of the year," Fredette said. "He passed the ball extremely well, scored when he needed to, good defender. Big guy that could get guys open shots. He was a pass-first guy for sure. It's something we're going to need this year as well. We'll miss him as a team but we have other guys who are going to step and play well."

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