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October 7, 2012
Chuck Hayes returns with more bounce in his game

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Chuck Hayes remembers the last time he dunked in an NBA game.

It was Dec. 2010.

"Against Coach (Keith) Smart's team, the Warriors," Hayes said. "It was a tip dunk."

Well Hayes pulled the feat off again during the Kings' training camp at the Olympic Training Center.

Smart liked seeing that from Hayes, who played below expectations last season, his first with the Kings. Hayes was dogged by a shoulder injury and preseason concerns about a heart abnormality in his physical.

To return in better shape, Hayes tried different activities (Bikram hot yoga, bike riding, tennis, swimming) before returning to the court. Hayes said he's continuing to work to get be in optimal shape for the season.

"I think Chuck has put the work in and now he's in better shape," Smart said. "He had a dunk the other night so he's moving up."

Hayes (6-6, 250) wasn't getting near the rim much at all last season. But he looks lighter on his feet and his moving much better on the court in camp.

So about the dunk?

"I don't know what got into me," Hayes said. "Must have been a spring down there in the wood. I'm just trying to be active, run the court and be decisive, be aggressive even when I don't have the ball."

The Kings need Hayes to be all those things this season. Hayes' passing will be needed to succeed this season if the team wants to use more motion and cutting on offense.

"Chuck brings so much to the table with his know how," Smart said. "And his understanding of how to do things, getting players where they need to be offensively and defensively, and we really need that this year. He has to be in much better shape, great shape as we move forward this year because he's going to help our team tremendously."

The video from today is shakier than normal ... multitasking at its worse. Is there a tripod for the iPad I can buy?

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