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October 19, 2012
In-game blog: Kings at Lakers

Kings 103, Lakers 98

LAS VEGAS -- In what was a rather intense preseason game, the Kings beat the Los Angeles Lakers in a game that was finished with most of the key players watching the fourth quarter.

DeMarcus Cousins finished with 18 points, 10 rebounds and three steals. Marcus Thornton led the Kings with 19 points. Isaiah Thomas had eight points and a game-high 10 assists.

Tyreke Evans and Jimmer Fredette each had 14 point off the bench for the Kings (3-1).

Kobe Bryant led the Laker with 22 Points. Paul Gasol had 20 points. Devin Ebanks had 20 points off the bench for the Lakers (0-5).

Keith Smart was pleased with the Kings defensive effort (44.4 percent shooting for the Lakers) and how the King adjusted on defense.

The Kings shot 46.8 percent.

Kings 81, Lakers 75

LAS VEGAS - The Lakers' offense has picked up the Kings have stayed ahead thanks to DeMarcus Cousins (18 points, 10 rebounds) and Marcus Thornton (19 points).

Keith Smart can't be happy about the overall defense.

Since shooting 5 for 17 in the first quarter, the Lakers are shooting 21 for 38 (55.3 percent). The King are shooting 47.5 percent 9 (29 for 61) which has overcome the Lakers' shooting.

The competition between Cousins and Pau Gasol (20 points, six rebounds) has been spirited with the officials warning both players to calm down at times.

Kobe Bryant has a game-high 22 points.

Kings 50, Lakers 46

LAS VEGAS - DeMarcus Cousins has 14 points, seven rebounds, two steals and a blocked shot to help the Kings maintain their lead.

Cousins has been doing a good job of not allowing easy entry passes into the post, too.

If there was a negative to his first half, it was the four turnovers and one gaffe when talking to an official about foul calls.

Cousins was so engaged in the talk he missed the Lakers inbounding the ball to Pau Gasol Cousins was forced to foul Gasol. Cousins responded with a dunk when the Kings got the ball back.

Gasol led the Lakers with 12 points. Kobe Bryant has 11 points.

Kings 27, Lakers 20

LAS VEGAS - The Kings lead even though they are shooting 42.9 percent by holding the Lakers to 29.4 percent from the field.

The Kings started Isaiah Thomas, Marcus Thornton, DeMarcus Cousins, Thomas Robinson and James Johnson. Johnson started off doing a solid job defensively on Kobe Bryant but picked up three fouls in less than six minutes of play.

Thornton led the Kings with seven points. Cousins had five points and five rebounds while Robinson added six points.

Bryant led the Lakers with nine points.

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