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October 12, 2012
Kings host a motivational speaker to continue team building

Kings coach Keith Smart took his team away to Colorado Springs, Colo., for team-building and training camp last week.

This week he decided it would be best if a guest spoke to the Kings about how to become a better team.

John Foley, a motivational speaker and former Blue Angel pilot spoke to the Kings on a Friday.

Smart said it was a light day as far as on-court work and that having Foley address the team serves a bigger purpose.

"You start seeing the parallels. You start seeing when these guys reach the top, they go beyond one percent in the world in their professions so these guys have already been top-rung people. They're excited to come in and talk to pro athletes anyways but they can talk about what they do to reach that next level, that next height. It always helps. Maybe one guy gets the message, maybe two, maybe the whole team gets it. We want to make sure we're stretching these guys out. Not just on the basketball floor but stretching them mentally also by having speakers and different people come in and talk to them. To get to the level this guy was at as a pilot and be one of only six in the world to be at that level -- to be at that point what do you have to do? Sacrifice, team, you've got to trust your teammates, trust what we're doing, the work everyday. Hopefully some of that will spill over to what we do as athletes so we can have a successful season."

The team will practice Saturday.

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