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October 11, 2012
Smart working to keep Cousins in the post

Kings coach Keith Smart said it again after Thursday's practice - he wants DeMarcus Cousins to be a force around the basket.

Smart is coming up with different ways to keep Cousins around the rim and make sure the third-year center doesn't become infatuated with jump shots.

Cousins said that he doesn't want to become a three-point shooter, but Smart is still trying to find ways to keep Cousins from roaming away from the rim.

One of those ways his running the offense through Cousins in the post.

"It's a way to keep him from floating around on the perimeter," Smart said.
We've got to go inside down there and I'm giving him a variety of thing of how the ball gets there."

It's also why Smart is pleased with Cousins' improved conditioning. If Cousins can outrun big men he can get easier looks around the rim.

"I've talked to him about getting the ball down there X amount of times," Smart said. "That's why I want him to run down the floor also and not just hang around the perimeter."

*Cousins wasn't on the court when practice opened up to the media. He was icing his wrist and ankle. Smart said Cousins finished his work and practice and that he was fine.

*Still sounds like the Kings are buying into the idea of being a family.

Some lack of issues could be attributed to it being the preseason, but any progress with the Kings moving away from a "me" team to a "we" team are a positive.

"We're not barking at each other as much," said Chuck Hayes. "We're trusting each other and we're listening to each other. We're open to constructive criticism. At first we were taking it as an insult. Now everybody's willing to help each other."

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