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October 8, 2012
Some leftovers from Colorado Springs

Thomas Robinson moonlighting at small forward and guard combinations such as Tyreke Evans with John Salmons or Isaiah Thomas with Jimmer Fredette are among the lineups Keith Smart might use during the preseason.

"I want to use this whole month to look at different lineups and how they play," Smart said. "I want to look at lineups and see what play can I run that will keep everyone comfortable and spaced well. What lineup I can play on the floor that will give me that defensive edge. Not just with their tenacity, but with their toughness."

Smart has been mixing up his lineups in scrimmages to find defensive flexibility. Sometimes that will mean going big up front (DeMarcus Cousins, Jason Thompson, Robinson) or in the backcourt (Evans and Salmons).

Smart will also look at lineups that give him speed and the ability to play small if needed.

"During the course of a game any of those lineups could be on the floor," Smart said. "And I want the players to see it so it won't be a surprise when they see me during the season doing this."

Transition to triangle

Smart said among the wing players Marcus Thornton and Travis Outlaw have been most successful adjusting to using the triangle offense.

Smart said that's because both can shoot from three-point range and are already comfortable cutting to the basket to score.

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