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November 3, 2012
Kings at Pacer: Five things to watch

INDIANAPOLIS - The Kings don't want to return home with a 0-3 record. The Kings have played good defense, but the offense has left much to be desired through two games.

Earning their first win of the season won't be easy. The Indiana Pacers have size and a defensive base that could irritate a Kings team that is struggling to find its way on offense.

If the Kings are to win, here are five things they can do to make that happen.

1. Stop fouling: Sure there are there are some questionable calls in every game. But when a team has 63 fouls in two games, there aren't enough borderline calls to excuse that. The Kings have show more discipline and adjust to the officials.
2. Get aggressive: The Kings have hot 32 free throws in two games. Their opponents have shot 69. DeMarcus Cousins has attempted one free throw in two games. Those numbers mean Cousin and the King need to get in the paint more and finish and force the officials to call fouls.
3. Score in transition: The Kings had 19 fast break points Friday night against Minnesota. But they made just 7 of 13 shots on the break. The Timberwolves had 20 fast break points, making 8 of 10 shots on the break. Blowing opportunities for easy points is a reason the King are struggling on offense.
4. Win the boards: The King have been outrebounded in both their games and have allowed more second-chance points than they've scored. The Timberwolves had 17 offensive rebounds Friday.
5. Keep defending: The most point the Kings have allowed in a quarter is 28. The Bulls and Timberwolves combined to shoot 2 for 26 on three pointers. Those are just a couple of things to like about the Kings' defense to start the season. Keep that up and they have a chance

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