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November 2, 2012
Kings at Timberwolves: Five things to watch

MINNEAPOLIS - Tonight the Kings try again for their first win of the season.

It's only Game No. 2, so there isn't any panic around the team. The Kings believe they did enough things well in the season opener to win and that fixing some issues on offense will result in wins.

So here are five things to watch on offense tonight when the Kings play the Minnesota Timberwolves.

1. Find the hot hand - Some night's it won't be obvious, but Wednesday against the Chicago Bulls Tyreke Evans had it going but only took 13 shots in 39 minutes. Two Kings took more shots. The Kings have to realize a player is on a roll and work to keep him going.

2. Spacing the floor - The emphasis in Thursday's practice was proper spacing. When the Kings don't space the floor, they are very easy to defend and commit turnovers.

3. Slow down - Seven turnovers for DeMarcus Cousins will not work. Cousins said he needs to slow down and play under control. Better spacing around Cousins would help. Cousins also can't force the issue and dribble into trouble.

4. Leadership at the point - Kings coach Keith Smart wants his point guards to be more assertive in getting their teammates in the right spot on the floor. The other four players need to be receptive to those directions.

5. Stop standing - The Kings have to get back to moving on offense. The ball and players have to move for the offense to be effective. The Kings can't succeed consistently if the offense comes down to one-on-one plays too often.

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