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November 7, 2012
Kings vs. Pistons: Five Things to Watch

Is it too early in the season for a trap game?

The Kings host the Detroit Pistons tonight. Detroit happens to be one of two winless NBA teams and was on the losing end of two playoff teams (Los Angeles Lakers, Denver Nuggets) recently earning their first wins of the season.

Not that the Kings have reason to be cocky.

Sure the vibes are good after Sacramento picked up its first win of the season Monday night against the Golden State Warriors. But the Kings are still a long way from being where they want to be.

Here are a few things the Kings can do to stay on course:

1. Rebound: The Kings outrebounded an opponent for the first time this season on Monday. If DeMarcus Cousins stays out of foul trouble, the Kings should be competitive on the glass.
2. Ride the Chuck Wagon: Apologies to those in Houston that would live to trademark Chuck Hayes' nickname, but it's impossible to ignore the impact Hayes is having on his teammates. What's underestimated his Hayes' impact on offense as a passer and getting the Kings organized.
3. Reke Havoc (on offense): Tyreke Evans has been good defensively but is still finding his way on offense after a good season opener. Evans has to find the game he showed in Chicago where he looked confident in his jump shot and was aggressive going to the hoop.
4. Run, run, run: It can't be said enough - the Kings need to get out in transition more on offense. The more the Kings play halfcourt offense, the greater the chances they'll make mistakes and commit turnovers.
5. Patient Cousins: If the Kings want to give Cousins at least 15 touches, he has to make the most of them. If he doesn't force things, he can use his skills as a passer to set up Evans, Marcus Thornton and others when his shot isn't available.

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