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November 9, 2012
Kings vs. Spurs: Five things to watch

Thomas Robinson's two-game suspsension for elbowing Detroit forward Jonas Jerebko serves as a reminder of the Kings' lack of depth in the frontcourt.

The Kings have plenty of wing players, but at the power forward and center positions, Robinson and Chuck Hayes are the primary backups.

Not having Robinson coincides with games against the San Antonio Spurs (with Tim Duncan) and the Los Angles Lakers (with Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol).

Without Robinson, here are five ways the Kings have to adjust for the next two games, beginning tonight against the Spurs.

1. Cousins on the court: DeMarcus Cousins has had two good scoring games because he has stayed out of foul trouble. That can't change or the Kings will be in big trouble.
2. Same goes for J.T.: When it comes to "energy" players in the frontcourt, no Robinson leaves Jason Thompson as the only big in that category. If Thompson were to get into foul trouble the Kings would be without a key component to their ability to get out on fast breaks and rebound.
3. More minutes for Hayes: Chuck Hayes already plays a key role in the rotation. Now there will be plenty of minutes as a reserve if needed.
4. Johnson at the four: Starting small forward James Johnson could also give the Kings some minutes as a power forward. He's already done it this season when the Kings have used a small lineup.
5. Outlaw, too: Travis Outlaw might be more of a "stretch" power forward in a pinch, and the Kings are in a pinch. So Outlaw at the four is a real possibility.

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