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November 28, 2012
The Morning After: Kings bogged down by confusion

The pressure was on and the Kings looked ... confused.

So it's no shock they failed to execute and lost to the Minnesota Timberwolves Tuesday night.

The Kings still don't know what they're doing late in games when the pressure is on. It's a group that doesn't seem to know their roles.

Who is the Kings go-to guy late? Based on recent play I'd say Tyreke Evans. But the Kings seem to have no fewer than four players on the court at once that believe they are the go-to guy.

That's part of why the Kings look confused. When everyone wants to be or thinks they are the man, there's no order.

"We've got to know what shot we want and execute," said Chuck Hayes. "Situation basketball is killing us. Hopefully all the heartache and pain we're going through will teach us something and give us experience on what not to do."

Kings coach Keith Smart said he doesn't define roles and wants players to have freedom. But until the Kings prove they can handle that responsibility, Smart has to tighten the screws on his team.

"We've got to figure out a way, the team and myself when we get into those tight moments," Smart said. "And you have to limit your mistakes on both side of the ball, you cannot make mistakes."

*Jimmer Fredette didn't play in last night's loss to Minnesota which, as always, leads to my email and Twitter accounts being hit with questions as to why.

It's because the Kings continue to try and use three point guards, four if you include Evans.

The Kings' first game against Minnesota might have been Fredette's worst defensive showing of the season, but it was still surprising that he got no playing time.

Part of that was due to Isaiah Thomas, who played 21 minutes and was the only King with a positive plus/minus (plus-5).

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