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November 6, 2012
The Morning After: Smart keeps the Kings steady

There were several signs posted throughout the Kings locker room Monday night.

One on the door that leads to the court simply read: "REBOUND."

Another was just as simple, but perhaps more profound:


After three losses to start the season Kings coach Keith Smart wasn't about to panic. He wasn't going to change his starting lineup or alter his rotation drastically.

That's the right move with this young team. After spending a month telling the Kings, media and everyone that would listen the Kings were on the right path, losing the first three games of an 82-game season was no reason to flip out.

It's said you can tell if a team still believes in its coach by its defense. A team that stops defending has usually tuned out the coach.

Even with the three losses, the Kings hadn't done that. Through four games only the Chicago Bulls have even cracked 40-percent shooting against the Kings.

Yes, it's only four games. But so far, so good for Smart.

The Kings didn't panic because he didn't.

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