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December 11, 2012
DeMarcus Cousins responds to O.J. Mayo

MILWAUKEE - DeMarcus Cousins didn't sit back and take insults from Dallas Mavericks guard O.J. Mayo, who said Cousins had mental issues, among other things after Monday night's game.

"I heard," Cousins said. "This coming from a guy that doesn't have a great image himself. So what does his really mean? I'm fine with it."

Mayo had problems with the NCAA in his one season at USC. After leaving for the NBA, the school would determine Mayo was ineligible his lone season for receiving improper benefits.

Mayo was also involved in a flight on the team plane with teammate Tony Allen over a gambling debt in 2010. Mayo has also been suspended 10 games for testing positive for a steroid.

Mayo said Cousins could be a franchise player "but I don't think he wants it."

"Is he a franchise player?" Cousins said. "So how is he going to tell me what I am."

Cousins said he hadn't heard from the NBA about being disciplined and he didn't expect to be for hitting Mayo below the belt, which Cousins said was an accident.

"In slow motion it looks like I did on purpose," Cousins said. "But you look in real speed you see what happened. Of course it's gonna get thrown out there that I did it on purpose."

Cousins added he knows he's not a dirty player so Mayo accusing him being one does not bother him.

*Then there was Dallas coach Rick Carlisle, who had some profane words for Cousins during the game.

"We made a run (in the third quarter)," Cousins said. "I started clapping and the man said "eff off. I said eff you and was it. And I still got scrutinized like I did something wrong."

*Kings coach Keith Smart likened what happened to Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, who was fined for kicking Houston quarterback Matt Schaub in the groin area.

"We just saw that NFL a couple weeks ago with the young man in Detroit. A play happens and right away because of his history, it's something, it's bigger than what it is. As a coach in the NBA I really don't have time for that. I've got 14 individual corporations I've got to worry about and try to manage and the last thing I want to manage is conversations, what guys are saying about why a guy did this or that. I'm moving to the next game."

*Back to basketball matters. Tyreke Evans practiced today and is expected to play tomorrow against the Milwaukee Bucks.

"We got him up-and-down the floor and did some 5-on-5 stuff," Smart said. "I think he'll be ready to go tomorrow. He's still going to be a little winded because obviously you get away from game activity. But overall with the things we tried to do today, trying to get ready for the game tomorrow he was pretty good.

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