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December 1, 2012
In-game blog: Kings at Clippers

Clippers 116, Kings 81

LOS ANGLES - The Kings suffered their worst defeat of the season as the Clippers dominated from the start.

After the game, John Salmons had a message.

"If you're going to write anything, this is strictly on the players," Salmons said. "It's not the coach's fault."

The coach didn't shoot 38.2 percent and allow the Clippers (10-6) to shoot 54.7 percent, or commit 17 turnovers that led to 27 points for the Clippers.

The Kings (4-12) have the worst record in the Western Conference and still have not won a road game (0-6).

Clippers 87, Kings 58

LOS ANGELES - Jimmer Fredette finally played. But the Kings have ben out of this game for a long time.

The Clippers are shooting 56.3 percent and four of their five starters have scored in double figures.

Jason Thompson and Marcus Thornton each have 14 points for the Kings but that's hardly enough to make up for the Kings' shooting 37.3 percent and giving up 19 points on 13 turnovers.

The Kings have trailed by as many as 34 points.

Clippers 58, Kings 34

LOS ANGELES - Calling the Kings' effort lackluster would be kind.

The Clippers haven't been challenged by the Kings. The Clippers are shooting 54.8 percent and have made 6 of 12 three pointers.

Meanwhile the Kings have 10 turnovers and are shooting 33.3 percent.

Keith Smart didn't play Jimmer Fredette at all and sat DeMarcus Cousins the entire second quarter. Neither player is injured.

Every Clipper that has played has scored, led y DeAndre Jordan and Matt Barnes with nine points each.

Jason Thompson led the Kings with 10 points.

Clippers 28, Kings 17

LOS ANGELES - In their second game without Tyreke Evans (bruised left knee) the Kings again fell behind big to start the game.

The Kings were down by as many as 14 points while shooting 35 percent (7 of 20). The difference tonight from last night's slow star was Keith Smart didn't go to Jimmer Fredette in the quarter. Aaron Brooks played the entire first quarter.

Blake Griffin led the Clippers with seven points. Marcus Thornton had five points to lead the Kings.

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