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December 1, 2012
The Morning After: Kings called out for their complaining

This quote from George Hill makes me think of Ice Cube's opening on "No Vaseline" which happens to be the greatest diss song in rap history (in my opinion).

As Cube said then and it applies to the Kings: Here's what they think about you:

It happens too often. Kings complain about the officiating while the opposition runs down the court for an easy shot.

DeMarcus Cousins gets a lot of flack about this, but he's not alone in whining to officials. The Kings make a habit of complaining and it hasn't gotten them anywhere.

I'm sure the Kings had their gripes about Friday's officiating, but in the end they shot 25 free throws, six more than Indiana. Cousins shot 10 of the free throws.

Both teams were called for 19 fouls.

Rather than barreling into the lane and throwing the ball at the basket, hoping to draw a foul, the Kings need to focus on taking shots that have a chance to go in.

* It's becoming a theme this season:

Jimmer Fredette plays.

Jimmer Fredette plays well.

Jimmer Fredette has to guess if he'll play the next game.

Fredette has played 20-plus minutes only once this season. Fredette has only played double-digit minutes in consecutive games once this season.

If that pattern continues, Isaiah Thomas will play more tonight.

"I'll try to settle down in maybe two or three games where I just lock into one guy and see how that goes," Smart said. "Obviously those two guys need to know game-to-game where they are."

Fredette has been one of the Kings best plus/minus players all season and Friday night's loss to Indiana was no different.

Every starter was a minus. Fredette was a plus-3, and Francisco Garcia was a team best plus-6.

* If you were surprised Tyreke Evans (bruised left knee) didn't play, you're not the only one. Smart did a good job of keeping that away from the media. Never was Evans mentioned as being injured and he wasn't listed on the pregame notes as having an injury, as injured players usually are in the gamenotes.

Smart hopes Evans can play tonight against the Los Angeles Clippers.

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