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January 22, 2013
Just a few more Kings/NBA offerings ...

The Kings arena situation remains fluid, with The Bee reporting a short while ago that billionaire Ron Burkle and Mark Mastrov are seriously considering a tag-team offer to purchase the team and develop a downtown arena. I also keep hearing that at least two or three other major players are in the mix to varying degrees, among them developer Eli Broad and the big fella, Oracle's Larry Ellison. We'll see. But in the meantime, the next critical date is Feb. 1, when the Maloofs are supposed to receive a non-refundable $30 million chunk of change per their sale agreement with the Seattle ownership group led by Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer.

A few final thoughts from the day:
. To all Kings fans sending emails and complaining about Jimmer Fredette's erratic playing time ... I agree. I can count the number of small guards (too many), but still can't figure out why Fredette isn't getting more minutes.
. Belated condolences to Oklahoma City coach Scotty Brooks, whose mother died last weekend in Manteca. Lee Brooks was a hoot. I interviewed her a number of times, and spent a few hours with her at the family's car wash. Wearing jeans, sweatshirt and sneakers, Lee chatted proudly about her son - a Kings head coaching candidate at the time - while washing down the stalls and cleaning up the place.
. I was remembered earlier tonight about the fact that Broad was a minority owner of the Kings during Jim Thomas' ownership.
. The Suns are in town Wednesday night, but I'm looking forward to Friday's visit by the Thunder. Kevin Durant is amazing. Former Kings guard Kevin Martin is flourishing in his role off the bench. It's always great to spend time with Brooks, who I have known since his rookie season. On top of all that ... OKC is the city that stole the Sonics from Seattle.

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