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January 24, 2013
Lack of passing cited for turnovers

The Kings committed a season-high 25 turnovers in Wednesday's loss to Phoenix.

And guess what the culprit for many of those mistakes was (again)?

The ball stopped moving.

"As a ball player when you draw to guys your job is over," said Kings coach Keith Smart. "You as the ballhandler, once you have created a double team via the pick-and-roll or a post up, your job is to move the basketball. Last night there were so many times where we hung on to the ball in pick and rolls and tried to make a play for ourselves."

The plus and minus of the situation

There were only two Kings that had a positive plus/minus rating after the Phoenix game.

But they played a total of 11 minutes.

Travis Outlaw was a plus-eight in seven minutes. Jimmer Fredette was a plus-seven in four minutes.

Tomorrow's opponent

Smart said in preparing for the Oklahoma City Thunder the Kings need to play close to a perfect game to win.

"I think it's more on us," Smart said.. "Us taking care of the ball, us making sure we have the right spacing on the floor to take advantage of what they do very well and that's clog the paint up. We've got to get to the free throw line."

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