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January 31, 2013
Smart wants to see more running from Cousins

PHILADELPHIA - DeMarcus Cousins had reason to be frustrated at times Wednesday night.

At one point, he was being defended by guard Avery Bradley and did not receive the ball in the post.

Another time, he had Paul Pierce on him, and didn't receive the ball.

What does Cousins' coach want him to do about that? Work harder.

Keith Smart wants to see his center running more, especially when he doesn't get a rebound, to create early post opportunities.

"I'm shared with him sometimes you're trailing," Smart said. "You need to get down the floor right away. If you get down the floor right away you just created a post up game for us without me calling a play."

Some quick scoring chances would help Cousins. In his last five games Cousins is shooting 38.3 percent while averaging 11.4 points, seven rebounds, 3.2 assists and 4.6 turnovers.

Smart said teams have done a better job of not allowing Cousins to catch the ball where he wants. And some of the double teams have taken Cousins out of his game.

Smart said Cousins needs to be decisive and not waste time waiting for the extra defender.

"Now he's waiting for the double team to come and the clock is winding down," Smart said.

Smart said he knows it can be frustrating for a big man to run the floor with no guarantees of getting the ball.

"You may run the floor 10 times and only get the ball once but you can't stop running the next 10," Smart said. "These things have to become habits to keep yourself involved in the basketball game. Because you can't slow the game down too much where you're calling the play 5-down, 5-down over and over again."

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