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January 29, 2013
The Morning After: DeMarcus Cousins not in a slump, says coach

WASHINGTON - How's this for a stat line:

29 points
14 rebounds
7 assists

That's DeMarcus Cousins' line from the last three games. After six consecutive double-doubles, Cousins hasn't grabbed 10 or more rebounds in his last three games.

Over the last three games Cousins has gone against Kendrick Perkins (Oklahoma City), the coaching schemes of George Karl (Denver) and two veteran bigs in Nene and Emeka Okafor.

Keith Smart wouldn't say Cousins is in slump, but said defenses are adjusting to Cousins:

"I would say that (Cousins is) game planned against. You're not going to get an easy post up. You're not going to get the ball in your sweet spots. You can even hear players on the side saying, give him that shot, give him that shot, take away the post ups. As soon as you get into the post they're coming in being physical. These are guys that know how to play against big people. They've played against the Shaqs and all these different players in their careers so they know how to play against big guys on the block. So you go back and look at all the games where guys are getting into him and tonight wasn't the night for him."

Why are opponents pushing Cousins off the block?

Cousins is shooting 52.3 percent from inside of eight feet this season (193 of 369). Cousins is shooting 31 percent (74 of 239) from anything outside of eight feet.

Cousins take on his play is in the game story from Monday's win over Washington.

He didn't play the entire fourth quarter and prior to that center Emeka Okafor (23 points, 15 rebounds) was lighting up the Kings - one reason Smart sat Cousins.

Cousins had 12 points and four rebounds against the Wizards.

But to recap here's what he said about his recent play. He's not happy about how things have gone lately but won't come out and say who he is not happy with.

"I wouldn't even blame it on the other teams," Cousins said. "It's not that. That's not the case."

Is it his fault?

"Not me either," Cousins said.

Cousins would not say who was to blame.

"I answered it," Cousins said. "That's how it is."

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