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January 24, 2013
The Morning After: Not a good night for Cousins with the officials

A scout recently asked me if DeMarcus Cousins had threatened referees because it seems as if he doesn't get the calls he should during games.

Against the Phoenix Suns, there wasn't anything Cousins could do to get a whistle in his favor.

Cousins is 10th in the NBA with 5.9 free throw attempts per game. But even though he had his headband knocked around and off his head, Cousins didn't shoot a free throw in Wednesday night's loss.

"I didn't shoot any which I don't understand," Cousins said.

The Kings also were assessed a technical foul for a second delay of game call when Cousins caught the ball after it went through the hoop before tossing it to the official.

After the game Cousins sought an explanation for the technical foul.

"I asked him what did I do wrong to get the tech and he said that I touched the ball, I shouldn't touch the ball," Cousins said. "But if it falls in my hands I just throw him the ball. Nothing I can do about it."

Cousins and the rest of the Kings would be better off they could ignore the officials all together.

That's easier said than done.

"That's never going to be good," said coach Keith Smart of being focused on officiating. "Once you start trying to invite the officials to help you with anything - because it takes you out of your game. Because now rather focus on finishing plays, you're hoping for a whistle. And that kind of got us a little sideways. You're not going to get certain calls, you've got to play through those things."

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