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January 6, 2013
The Morning After: The dominance of DeMarcus Cousins last week

BROOKLYN - Perhaps we can put the talk of the Kings trading DeMarcus Cousins to rest.

During the Kings' four-game road trip he showed exactly why the Kings have no plans to trade him.

His numbers:

24.5 points per game
15.3 rebounds per game
3.8 assists per game
1.75 assists per game
52.7 shooting percentage
76.9 free throw percentage

I've always maintained if Cousins were a dominant center the Kings should be at least a .500 team. The Kings were 2-2 on the road trip.

It's a small sample, but in all areas, Cousins showed what he means to the Kings when fully engaged in the game.

The most important statistic is the shooting percentage. Cousins is too talented to shoot in the low 40-percent range (he's at 42.9 percent for the season).

If the Kings are going to run a lot of their offense through Cousins, they need him to take and make better shots as well as show off his passing skills.

Cousins was able to do that on the road and is focused on continuing that when the Kings begin their five-game home stand Monday.

There will still be trade speculation just because that's how things work these days in the social-media era.

But if those trade rumors involve DeMarcus Cousins, don't believe the hype.

*Pardon my fumbling of the iPad at the start of the video.

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