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February 12, 2013
Kings at Grizzlies: Five things to watch

MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Zach Randolph is an All-Star. Marc Gasol made the All-Star team last season.

So guess who jumps off scouting report for the Kings before tonight's game at the Memphis Grizzlies?

Tony Allen.

The Kings might do a good job defending Gasol and Randolph, but that can be neutralized when players like Allen hurt the Kings.

Here are five reasons why Allen concerns coach Keith Smart and the Kings.

1. Scoring: Allen averages 8.4 points this season, but has 24 points in two games in two games against the Kings.

2. Defense: Allen is one of the better perimeter defenders in the NBA. He'll harass Tyreke Evans, Marcus Thornton, Jimmer Fredette or any other guard the Kings put in front of him.

3. Rebounding: The Kings have had rebounding problems all season and Allen's numbers magnify those issues. Allen averages 4.2 rebounds but averages seven against the Kings.

4. Playmaking: Allen averages 1.2 assists but at five per game against the Kings.

5. Energy: Smart noted Allen's energy has been hard to match in two losses. While Randolph, Gasol and Mike Conley might be the headliners, Allen might be the emotional leader. If he's playing well, the Grizzlies feed off the energy of "The Grindfather."

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