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February 26, 2013
Kings at Heat: Five things to watch

MIAMI - What has gone wrong during the Kings' five-game losing streak?

The simple answer is a lot. But here are five statistical areas that stand out from each loss and areas the Kings must focus on if they are to upset the Miami Heat tonight by highlight some of the worst showings of the streak.

1. .547: In the first loss of the streak the Memphis Grizzlies shot 54.7 percent, the highest for an opponent during the losing streak. Three of five opponents during the losing streak have shot at least 50 percent. Miami (.495) leads the NBA in shooting percentage.
2. 10: The Dallas Mavericks handed the Kings their second loss of the streak in part by blocking 10 shots. The Kings have a habit of taking tough, contested shots that opponents take advantage of defensively. The Heat average just five blocks a game, but if the Kings are careless, Miami will gladly reject their shots.
3. Zero: That's the number of times the Kings led in their loss to the San Antonio Spurs. The Kings' best chance of beating Miami might be to jump out to a big lead and then use their inside advantage with DeMarcus Cousins to close the deal.
4. 24: The number of points the Atlanta Hawks scored off Kings turnovers in the fourth loss of the streak. That helped the Hawks overcome an early deficit. If the Heat are able to approach that figure, the Kings will be in big trouble.
5. 62: The New Orleans Hornets handed the Kings their fifth consecutive defeat with 62 points in the paint. The Heat can score in the paint in transition and by breaking the Kings down off the dribble with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

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