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February 17, 2013
Ryan Anderson worries for Kings

HOUSTON - New Orleans Hornets forward Ryan Anderson, the former Oak Ridge standout who later attended Cal, said he monitors the Sacramento/Seattle developments from afar. Friends and family members, he said, frequently send him news updates. He also follows the arena developments via the Internet and social media. After competing Saturday in the Long Distance Shootout here at All-Star Weekend, he offered his thoughts on the Kings and their uncertain future.

"It's just hard," said Anderson. "It's hard. Not only did I grow up in such a great Kings era, and grew up when the city was just so Kings and NBA-oriented ... I keep saying it. It was a golden ticket to get into that arena. I won a state championship in that arena. I played in junior high in that arena. I have so many memories. It's just so hard to think about the possibility of the Kings leaving."

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