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February 20, 2013
The Morning After: Rebounding, defense still hurting the Kings

Reviewing some of what went wrong Tuesday night.

Coach Keith Smart said it was not intentional that with a three-point deficit that in the final 30 seconds of a game that center DeMarcus Cousins was stuck defending point guard Tony Parker.

"He stayed to long," Smart said. "His job was to get out there show hard and get back. ... He stayed in the coverage too long.

"That advantage is always going to be in favor of a talented guard."

Parker drove by Cousins for a lay up after Cousins went for a steal near halfcourt and gave the Spurs a 105-100 lead with 19.7 seconds to play.

"I kind of ended up in the situation and (Parker) got the best of the situation," Cousins said.

More on rebounding

The Kings gave up three critical offensive rebounds late against the Spurs. Here's a little more of what the Kings had to say about their rebounding problems.

Chuck Hayes

"When we needed the ball they were always just one step quicker. We've got to read the momentum of the ball on the play, that's just hard work, beating your man to the ball."

"You have to have the drive to go get that ball, to read the direction and speed of the ball and beat your guy to it."


"There was a clip we showed the team (Tuesday) morning. (San Antonio forward) Kawhi Leonard fell on the floor last time we played San Antonio. He fell on the floor and ran and was still able to contest the shot. Players make plays to get to 50/50 balls and players make plays to get to rebounds. Traffic rebounds are hard to come by defensively because you have to go and scrap and push people out of the way to get to those rebounds. And you have to see if your guard play can be those kind of good rebounders. Tyreke (Evans) should be a very good defensive rebounder. So you look at players that can possibly do that. Obviously I don't think we have very good rebounding guards, defensively with our guards. We don't rebound over the top of someone and things like that. And you have to have a serious drive and be determined to get that rebound or get that 50/50 ball."

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