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March 23, 2013
Kings in-game blog

DENVER - Well, this game is unfolding about the way one might have expected. The Nuggets broke out to an early lead and spent the remainder of the first half toying with the Kings.
Breakouts. Dunks. Rebounds. Backdoor cuts. Perfect bounce passes. If he was watching back at his home in Princeton, former Kings special assistant Pete Carril probably liked what he saw ... from George Karl's bunch. And how many folks can even name Denver's starting lineup? No matter.
The Kings aren't hitting from three (2-for-10) and aren't doing much of anything else, either, and trail 50-40 at halftime. DeMarcus Cousins (eight rebounds, two assists) and Jimmer Fredette and seldom-used Travis Outlaw provided some spark, but that was it. Kings were outrebounded 28-10 through two periods.

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