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March 20, 2013
The Morning After: Is DeMarcus Cousins vs. Grant Napear no big deal?

The Kings beat the Clippers Tuesday night, but so what?

One trip over to Grant Napear and now we're playing the "What did DeMarcus say?" game.

My phone and Twitter timeline were flooded with messages about DeMarcus Cousins call or not calling Napear, the Kings' television play-by-play man a not-so-nice name.

After the game Cousins laughed at the idea of his visit to the announce table being a big deal.

Perhaps he was just trying to help Napear's ratings?

You can watch for yourself and decide if Cousins was out of line.

Napear wasn't bothered, per his Twitter account:

But what would a Kings game be if DeMarcus Cousins didn't give us something to talk about, right?

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