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April 4, 2013
The Morning After: A lot of whistles in eight minutes for DeMarcus Cousins

If anything, DeMarcus Cousins made his 8 minutes and 18 seconds in the second half of the Kings' 112-102 loss to the Houston Rockets.

Cousins picked up six fouls in the second half. He scored six points, had no rebounds, two steals, a turnover and one poignant message for his coach after his sixth foul.

After Cousins picked up his sixth foul, Cousins yelled "Now I'm out!" at coach Keith Smart.

Cousins was upset that he was removed from the game after picking up three fouls in less than three minutes to start the third quarter. Cousins felt he should have been able to stay in the game with just three fouls.

"I didn't foul," was Cousins reply when asked about all the whistles directed at him in the second half.

One foul in particular, however, was obvious and dangerous considering Cousins has five flagrant foul points.

Omer Asik beat Cousins and the Kings down the court for a dunk in the fourth quarter after a missed jumper by Cousins.

Cousins gave chase and pushed Asik in the back. It wasn't a dirty play, but it was dangerous in that if Asik had fallen awkward after being pushed from behind, Cousins almost would have certainly been called for a flagrant foul. If that were the case it would be his sixth flagrant foul point and Cousins would be suspended for one game.

But that wasn't the biggest issue in the latest mini-riff between player and coach. It's still about Cousins and Smart not getting what they want.

Cousins was frustrated with Smart yanking him from the game with the fouls. Smart was frustrated watching Asik stand out with his hustle as his team was stuck in "mud" most of the night.

Smart was asked what it was like to watch a player such as Asik play the way he'd like to see Cousins play every night.

"I'm going to keep doing it how I want it to be done and players, at some point, they get it," Smart said. "Asik scores (Wednesday) just on rim running. Sometimes you're a curse to yourself when you have so many other skills but the game just wasn't just there."

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