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June 25, 2013
Kings officially add Brendan Malone to coaching staff

The Kings announced Brendan Malone, father of head coach Michael Malone, has been officially added to the coaching staff as an assistant coach.

"I'm excited to add a coach with the breadth of basketball knowledge my father provides," Michael Malone said in a statement. "Aside from the benefits of having a trusted family member by my side, he's a talented coach who brings more than 25 years of invaluable NBA experience to Sacramento."

The Malones are the second father/son combination to serve as head coaches. Bill Musselman was a head coach before his son, Eric, who coached Golden State and the Kings.

Brendan Malone was the first coach of the Toronto Raptors are serving as an assistant coach in Detroit and winning two NBA Championships under Chuck Daly.

The Kings have two assistant coaches under contract - Brendan Malone and Chris Jent.

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