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July 9, 2013
Defense and more defense focus for the summer

LAS VEGAS - The portion of the Kings evening practice open to the media featured a lot of drills focused on defense.

The Kings allowed a league-worst 105.1 points last season and were near the bottom of the league in several defensive categories.

"It's just what we're going to do," said Kings assistant coach Chris Jent. "It's just a great way to build a foundation. Especially the younger guys, they're going to have learn quicker, things are going to move faster, so it builds great foundations for those young guys because they're going to see it again."'

Jent, who will coach the summer league squad, said his coaching in games will emphasize defense.

So don't look for clues on how the Kings will look on offense based off summer league games.

"Defensively we're really trying to get a great foundation to our system," Jent said. "Offensively there's some thing we're going to do as far as spacing goes. But the sets, we probably won't get into what we'll be running during the year. We're just trying to keep it simple so guys don't have to think, they can just play."

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