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July 12, 2013
Malone gladly takes a step back in Summer League

LAS VEGAS - Leading up to tomorrow's Summer League opener, Kings coach Michael Malone has no plans to work the sidelines.

Chris Jent is the coach and Malone will watch from the stands

In the last few practices, Malone has taken a step back, allowing the assistants to handle more of the hands-on work in practice.

"I wanted Chris and Dee (Brown) and all the other coaches to step in," Malone said. "I did a lot of the stuff early, implemented a lot of stuff, introduced our philosophy on both sides of the ball. But this is a great opportunity for my assistant coaches to coach and get experience being a head coach on a summer league team. You may see me down there in a timeout but I'm going to sit in the stands with my father (assistant coach Brendan) and take my notes."

More defense

Malone said the focus will largely remain on defense during Summer League games, much as it was in practice.

"All the drills that we did all week long were based on our defense," Malone said. "You won the drills by getting defensive stops. You never won the drill by winning the game on offense. Everything was predicated on our defense."


Guard Shane Gibson and forwards Chris Evans and Ashley Hamilton were all released from the Summer League roster.

The Kings have 12 players remaining on the roster.

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