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July 22, 2013
More quotes from DeMarcus Cousins

LAS VEGAS - DeMarcus Cousins was asked who his competition is for best big man at the Team USA minicamp.

Confident as ever, Cousins replied "nobody."

Here's more of Cousins from today's Team USA minicamp practice.

On speaking with USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo saying he needed to mature:

"I believe the whole thing was blown out of proportion. What was said between us really wasn't that bad. For him to push that aside, I've very thankful for it."

On what he learned watching last year's Olympic team:

"I really watched them a lot. I watched (New York center) Tyson (Chandler) play a lot and how we active around the board and controlled the paint. So that's really what I'm trying to come in here and do."

On getting to know new coach Michael Malone and relating to coaches:

"At the end of the day honestly it really doesn't matter if we get along as long as we both go and get the job done. That's all that really matters."

On how the Kings will be different this season:

"We're going with an approach where we share the ball more and defense is first and that's been with (Greivis) Vasquez and (Luc) Mbah a Moute. I think we're making some good changes, I'm ready to get to work."

On if he's maturing with experience:

"Absolutely. I believe I mature after every season. And I think people forget I am just 22 years old. So it's going to take me time and I'm still learning but I do believe I improve every year."

On three seasons playing for the Maloofs:

"The Maloofs were great guys. People forget how much good they did with the last couple of years but they were good to me and helped me out a lot. I was glad to play for them but it's a new era and hopefully we can get something done with this one."

On if he learned from some of last season's incidents:

"With it just being me a lot those of situations, they really weren't' as bad as they made them seem, but of course, it's DeMarcus. But I've still got to learn from those situations and handle those situations better."

On watching general manager Pete D'Alessandro go after free agents:

"Pete's doing an incredible job. Players we would have never had a chance to get we're actually in the running for. I'm excited, I'm excited for where this franchise is going."

On what he has to do to improve defensively:

"I think it starts with me having a defensive mindset and knowing my spots on the floor... It's also a team thing. One messed up rotation can mess up the whole thing. Just being able to be back there and talk and tell guys where to be in their spots."

On what was going wrong in the previous three seasons:

"I could go into that and put everything on blast. Once they see the change on the floor they'll understand so I'll just leave it at that."

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