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July 9, 2013
"New" Kings begin summer league with Tuesday morning practice

LAS VEGAS - Summer League is always more important for teams like the Kings than say ... the Miami Heat.

The Kings do not have any of their veterans on the roster. That will leave a lot of room for rookies Ben McLemore and Ray McCallum to get experience prior to training camp in the fall.

Head coach Michael Malone summed up the goals for the next two weeks after this morning's practice:

"Winning, if that happens great. Obviously we all want to win. We're all competitive by nature. They wouldn't be here if that was the case. But more importantly for me, and I told them last night in our meeting, this is our first opportunity to show the NBA who the new Sacramento Kings are going to be. So it's not just a summer league game, it's not just summer league practices, it's a great opportunity for us to establish our identity and show everybody else things have changed in Sacramento. We will defend, we will play unselfish basketball. We will talk on the floor. We will give great multiple efforts. That starts right now, especially for Ben McLemore and Ray McCallum, our two young guys, and let them know what training camp is going to be like when the real season comes along."

Rookie chatter

McCallum said summer league is an opportunity to establish a new way of thinking for the Kings and he wants to be a big part of that:

"It's kind of a new era for the Kings. Bring a winning mindset. That's something I've always been, a winner, a true leader. A point guard, just try to come out here and compete and try to win every day."

Ben McLemore on his first practice:

"Today was a learning experience as far as getting into the mode on the defensive end and offensive end and different sets. I definitely learned a lot today and I'll come in tonight and try to learn more."

The Kings practice again tonight at 5 p.m.

New coaches at work

Some short video of new assistant coach Dee Brown leading drills

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