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October 1, 2013
Jimmer searching for consistent playing time; role with Kings

SANTA BARBARA - It's Jimmer Fredette's third season and we still don't know what he is as an NBA player.

All of Fredette's shooting numbers improved last season, but his playing time went from 18 minutes per game as a rookie to 14 per game last season.

Questions about Fredette's defense and where to play him on offense have persisted for two seasons.

"I'd love to be on the floor wherever it is," Fredette said after Tuesday morning's practice at UC Santa Barbara. "Obviously I feel the most comfortable at point guard but whatever Coach (Michael Malone) has in store for me it looks like playing at some point, some off ball just depending on the situation and what's happening in the game at that time. I just want to be on the floor."

Fredette would have to fend off rookie Ray McCallum just to be the third point guard behind Isaiah Thomas and Greivis Vasquez.

Things aren't easier for Fredette at shooting guard by Marcus Thornton and Ben McLemore.

There are possible three-guard lineups but it won't be easy cracking the rotation, regardless.

What would help Fredette would be having a defined role.

"We didn't know what the rotation was (last season)," Fredette said. "Guys didn't know if they were going to play one game and not the next so you just had to try to stay ready and prepare as much as you can. It's hard for players to be able to do that but you're professionals so that's what you have to do. Hopefully this year we'll have more of a set rotation so we'll know when we're going to play and who we're going to play with."

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