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November 4, 2013
Kings' Malone endures miserable Sunday

Kings head coach Michael Malone said he had a miserable Sunday because of his team's drubbing the previous night against the Golden State Warriors in Oakland.

But three games into an 82-game season, it's good to know he hasn't lost his sense of humor (and he often jokes about being an Irish-Catholic from New York).

After Monday's practice, he began his media session with the following tongue-in-cheek remarks:

"I feel like I have to go to church, go to confession. 'Forgive me Father for I have sinned. I wasn't a good husband yesterday. I wasn't a good father yesterday.' "

Then, in all seriousness, he added: "I just hate losing, and I understand this is going to be a process, and we're going to take our lumps, and the team we are today will not be the team we are a year from now. I get that, but I still can't get over how we played, and the effort we brought forth to start that game is so disappointing.

The good thing about the NBA? There is little between games. The Atlanta Hawks make their only visit to Sleep Train Arena tomorrow night.

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