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November 1, 2013
Pregame: Doc Rivers already sees improved Kings team

The Los Angeles Clippers played last night on TNT and were rewarded with a game that starts less than 24 hours after last night's tip-off, here in Sacramento.

"I've been a long complainer of the TV games and 7 o'clock starts the next night," said Clippers coach Doc Rivers.

But Rivers, and every other NBA team realizes that back-to-back games are part of the job.

And Rivers is ready for the Kings under coach Michael Malone, who he is seeing for the third time, counting two preseason games.

Rivers said Malone is already making a difference.

"You can see No. 1, the defensive preparation every night," Rivers said. "Mike calls out every play every team runs. He's like an encyclopedia. You can see that they're different - the Kings are a different team. Mike's pretty much a big reason."

Prediction time: The second of back-to-back games are tough on the road team. But it's too early in the season to believe the Clippers can use that as an excuse.

The Kings are still working out the kinks in their defense - primarily transition defense - and the Clippers will test that with Chris Paul and Co.

DeMarcus Cousins should have a big game, again, but the Clippers have too many weapons for the Kings at this point of their development.

Clippers 113, Kings 104

My record this season: 1-0

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