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November 2, 2013
Week 1 Power Rankings

This is obviously a very small sample size. But, we've got to have some fun with this right?

So here we go with the rankings for this week now that every team has played two games.

All records and stats are through Friday.

1. San Antonio Spurs (2-0, Last week No. 2): Spurs had enough to beat the Lakers with Tim Duncan sitting out with a chest injury.
2. Indiana Pacers (2-0, LW 3): Paul George is off to a hot start for the defending Central Division Champions.
3. Houston Rockets (2-0, LW 10): Dwight Howard came out looking healthy and ready to dominate.
4. Los Angeles Clippers (2-1, LW 5): Shook off loss to open season with strong showing against Golden State.
5. Brooklyn Nets (1-1, LW 8): He might not be a Celtic anymore, but Paul Pierce still loves to beat Miami.
6. Miami Heat (1-2, LW 1): Two consecutive road losses after the ring ceremony in the home opener.
7. Oklahoma City Thunder (1-1, LW 4): The sooner Russell Westbrook gets back, the sooner OKC is a legit title contender.
8. Memphis Grizzlies: (1-1, LW 7): Already lost to San Antonio, which swept the Grizzlies out the playoffs last season.
9. Minnesota Timberwolvs (2-0, LW 13): A blowout win over OKC and Kevin Love looking good are great early signs.
10. Golden State Warriors (1-1, LW 9): Not having Harrison Barnes at 100 percent will make it tough on the second unit.
11. Chicago Bulls (1-1, LW 6): Derrick Rose opened the season shooting 11 of 38.
12. New York Knicks (1-1, LW 12): Carmelo Anthony had a chance to beat the Bulls at the buzzer but couldn't knock down the jumper.
13. Portland Trail Blazers (1-1, LW14): This still could be one of the surprise teams in the West.
14. Dallas Mavericks: (1-1, LW 17): Monta Ellis is putting up big scoring numbers, but can Dallas defend?
15. Detroit Pistons (1-1, LW 19): Still not healthy in the backcourt, but Greg Monroe has been solid.
16. Cleveland Cavaliers (1-1, LW 20): Cleveland has already gotten more out of Andrew Bynum than some expected.
17. Philadelphia 76ers: (2-0, LW 30): Someone forgot to tell the players they are supposed to be tanking this season for a draft pick.
18. Phoenix Suns (2-0, LW 29): The Suns also didn't get their tank-the-season memo yet.
19. Los Angeles Lakers (1-2, LW 15): Shocked the Clippers only to be humbled in their next two games.
20. Sacramento Kings (1-1, LW 21): DeMarcus Cousins has the look of an All-Star center early.
21. Denver Nuggets (0-2, LW 11): Injuries have seriously hampered Brian Shaw's early head coaching career.
22. Atlanta Hawks (1-1, LW 23): Al Horford has to play well for Hawks to return to the postseason.
23. Charlotte Bobcats: (1-1, LW 26): Kemba Walker looks to take another step as a player and leader in his third season..
24. Toronto Raptors (1-1, LW 24): DeMar DeRozan came out averaging 22 points to start the season.
25. Milwaukee Bucks (1-1, LW 27): Injuries at point guard will force Bucks to rely on rookie Nate Wolters more than planned.
26. Orlando Magic (1-2, LW 28): Arron Afflalo scored 30 points in a win over New Orleans.
27. Utah Jazz (0-2, LW 22): Two close losses to start the season.
28. Washington Wizards (0-2, LW 16): The defense has to get better to prevent another horrible start to the season.
29. Boston Celtics (0-2, LW 24): Struggles are to be expected for first-year coach Brad Stevens.
30. New Orleans Pelicans (0-2, LW 18): Talented bunch that clearly needs time to gel after blowout loss to Orlando.

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