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November 9, 2013
Week 2 Power Rankings

We still haven't seen 10 percent of the season, so there's still a lot of guessing to these rankings.

But the top of the list is pretty clear. Indiana is undefeated an the team most likely to dethrone Miami in the East.

1. Indiana Pacers (6-0, Last week No. 2): A team that is tough defensively and features one of the rising stars in Paul George.
2. San Antonio Spurs (5-1, LW 1): Gritty win over Golden State was impressive.
3. Miami Heat (4-2, LW 6): The slow start to the season was nothing to worry about.
4. Oklahoma City Thunder (4-1, LW 7): Watch out - Russell Westbrook is back.
5. Golden State Warriors (4-2, LW 10): Stephen Curry's ankle is already a concern, but Klay Thompson can also shoot from deep.
6. Houston Rockets (4-2, LW 3): Dwight Howard's free throws could cost the Rockets more game.
7. Los Angeles Clippers (3-3, LW 4): Two games in Florida led to tough losses.
8. Minnesota Timberwolves (4-2, LW 9): A blowout win over OKC and Kevin Love looking good are great early signs.
9. Brooklyn Nets: (2-3, LW 5): A team that's still looking for its first road win.
10. Memphis Grizzlies (2-3, LW 8): Another team stills seeking a road win early in the season.
11. Portland Trail Blazers (3-2, LW 13): Damian Lillard looks even better in his second season.
12. Dallas Mavericks (3-3, LW 14): Adding Jose Calderon helps a lot at point guard.
13. Chicago Bulls (1-1, LW 11): More will be need from Luol Deng as Derrick Rose finds his form.
14. Philadelphia 76ers (4-2, LW17): Spencer Hawes has played well, ruining the alleged tanking for Andrew Wiggins plan.
15. Phoenix Suns: (4-2, LW 18): Still not going along with the plans to tank the season.
16. New York Knicks (2-3, LW 12): A slow start to the season could spiral downward without injured center Tyson Chandler.
17. Orlando Magic (2-3, LW 26): Nikola Vucevic showed the Clippers why he's one of the best young bigs by dominating the paint in a win.
18. Los Angeles Lakers (3-4, LW 19): Back-to-backs while resting Steve Nash have resulted in losses.
19. Washington Wizards (2-3, LW 28): Beginning to look more like a team that could make the playoffs.
20. Milwaukee Bucks (2-2, LW 25): Larry Sanders making news for the wrong reason was an unnecessary distraction.
21. Charlotte Bobcats: (3-3, LW 23): Injury has kept Al Jefferson from contributing like the team had hoped.
22. New Orleans Pelicans (3-3, LW 30): Anthony Davis is showing why he was the first pick in the 2012 draft.
23. Atlanta Hawks (2-3, LW 22): Al Horford has to play well for Hawks to return to the postseason.
24. Detroit Pistons (2-3, LW 15): As Brandon Jennings finds his way, the Pistons should improve.
25. Cleveland Cavaliers (2-3, LW 16): Coach Mike Brown is still getting accustomed to how to use Kyrie Irving.
26. Boston Celtics (2-4 LW 29): The defense has not been bad to start the season.
27. Toronto Raptors (2-4, LW 24): Jonas Valanciunas could emerge as one of the best centers in the East.
28. Sacramento Kings (1-4, LW 20): Defense has been bad since season opener.
29. Denver Nuggets (1-4, LW 21): Ty Lawson has to carry the Nuggets through their injuries.
30. Utah Jazz (0-6, LW 27): Maybe losing Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap hurt more than anyone realized.

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